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13 Common Boating Terms Every Beginner Should Know

The boating experience for a beginner can be overwhelming since there are tons of things to keep in mind. Among them are terms commonly used in boating and here are 8 of them every beginner should be familiar with.

Bow and Stern – The bow simply refers to the front portion of the boat while the stern is the rear portion.

Helm – is the general term given to the station from where you will be steering.

Port and Starboard – While bow and stern are boating terms that refer to the front and rear portions, respectively, the port and starboard are terms used for left and right. If you find it difficult to remember which is which, one tip is to remember that port has four letters, and so is the word left.

Head, Galley, Saloon – These terms are only used when larger boats are involved. In that order, the words simply mean bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Hull – refers to the physical portions of the vessel that sit in the water.

Waterline Every beginner boater should know about the waterline, which is the line around the hull where it intersects with the surface of the water.

Draft: – A draft is technically the most shallow part of the water in which the boat will freely float without hitting bottom. It is the vertical distance from the waterline to the bottommost point of the boat.

Mooring – the term simply means your tying up your boat. A permanently anchored float with an attachment point can be called mooring. A docking line can also be referred to a mooring line. If your boat is tied up, they you will say it’s moored.

Cleat – this refers to a plastic or metal fitting used to attach a line securely.

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