7 Reasons Why Barbados Should Be Your Next Off-Season Destination

Yacht owners and sailors take the season of the year into account when scheduling their next charter. Some make use of seasonal yacht charter destination guides, while others go with the trend.

Between May and September, enthusiasts automatically think about chartering the Mediterranean because of its hot and dry southeasterly winds, lovely beaches, and praise-worthy tourist spots. However, most of them do not know that there are advantages to deviating from the norm.

In this case, spring and autumn seasons in the United States is also the perfect time to visit the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados.

Below are 7 reasons why the independent British Commonwealth country should be your next off-season destination:

1. Smaller Crowds

Although it is relatively popular among tourists, the eastern Caribbean island don’t often see many guests from May to September.

Since you won’t be following the same idea most people have during these months, it should be expected that you won’t have to deal with too big crowds in Barbados. This also means you won’t have to stand in long lines just to eat dinner or have to call several hotels to get a room.

2. More Festivities

While it may not be the peak season for tourists, the period between Spring and Autumn is also the time when Barbados comes to life. This is all thanks to the six-week Crop Over Festival which is usually slated between the months of June and August.

3. Wonderful Weather

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Barbados is less popular during the hurricane season. However, natives and tourists who understand the best time to visit the island know that Barbados manages to evade tornadoes that usually tread the Caribbean Sea.

The island still experiences a couple of rain showers, of course, but it doesn’t usually last longer than ten minutes a day. As for the temperature, it stays at about 30 degrees for most of the day and only slightly drops to 27 degrees in the evening.

4. Healthy Natural Environment

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Unlike most popular tourist spots, Barbados was able to maintain a healthy natural environment. This means that you should be able to come across nesting leatherback and hawksbill turtles from mid-May to the latter parts of October.

The flora in the island also flourishes with the help of legendary horticulturist Anthony Hunte. His efforts made the famed Hunte’s Gardens bloom to an awe-inspiring 400-species plant orchard that also houses exotic birds and lots of monkeys.

5. Inclusive Nightlife

Although it may not be included in your charter itinerary, it wouldn’t be surprising if you suddenly feel the urge to go bar hopping in your evenings in Barbados. This is because the nightlife on the island is very inclusive that even if you’re not someone who likes to visit rum shacks, you would still have lots of other options that will suit your taste.

6. Hospitable People

Another thing that often makes a place unforgettable for tourists is the way they were treated by the locals. In Barbados, Bajans welcome guests with open arms and a warmth that can only be found in very few other places.

7. Extreme Water Sports

Source: Pexels

If you love water sports, Barbados is definitely a good vacation spot for you.

Whether you want to sail, surf, or go scuba diving, you will surely have an opportunity to join extreme water sports as most of the beaches there have stands that offer rental equipment.

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