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8 Boating Security Tips You Should Remember

Owning a boat is akin to having a car in more ways than most people believe. In fact, there are a lot of risks that involves boats and cars alike security-wise. With that in mind, it is important to know how to properly secure your boat.

Here are 8 important boating security tips you should remember:

1. Avoid Temptation

Temptation is the root of all evil, so it is logical to remove this from the equation when it comes to your vessel. This means you should never leave the keys in the ignition, leave your motor idling while the boat is unattended, and store all valuable items in a secure place to remove it from the line of sight of prying eyes.

2. Put Necessary Identification Markings

Source: Ace Boater

In some countries, boat registration is mandatory. Even when it’s not, it is still beneficial for you to have your boat registered in case it gets stolen. This way, you can permanently engrave the identification markings onto the vessel.

If, in case, you decide not to register your boat. You can still label it with signs to help identify that the boat is yours. While it is good to put clever names for your boat, you can also have ones that are uniquely yours, such as your driver’s license number.

3. Do Inventory Regularly

Conducting regular inventory of the equipment, tools, and other things you left onboard your vessel is another great way to monitor if some things went missing.

4. Have an Alarm System


If you have some money to spare, you should invest in an onboard alarm system. Not only will it warn you of an ongoing theft, but it can also scare off potential burglars especially if you have a signage warning them about CCTV and other security equipment installed.

5. Properly Secure Your Boat to Trailers


Because of its mobility and visibility, securing your boat onto trailers tend to be more vulnerable to theft. To overcome this, make sure to store your boat in an enclosed garage that can be locked and with very limited room for movement. You should also consider using a durable chain and lock to help you attach the trailer to a fixed object.

6. Be Sensible About Your Boat Storage

Sensible storage will do wonders for your boat’s security, so make sure you put all unattached equipment from your boat and tuck them out of sight. You should also ensure that curtains are closed before you leave your boat storage area to avoid other people from viewing its layout.


7. Have Some Insurance

Insurance, for some reason, cannot compensate for the grief and stress caused by a stolen boat. Still, it is an essential part of becoming a boat owner and should be treated as just an accompaniment to security features.

8. Add Security and Tracking Devices

Boat tracking and additional security equipment can go a long way when it comes to boat security. Be sure to check all your options and decide on one that is within your budget but meets your required specifications.

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