9 Little-Known Destinations In The East Coast To Try On Your Next Charter

If you have been to many charters in the top destinations for boaters, chances are that you already know what it feels like to be in a popular place during peak season. Between the huge crowds and long dock queues, you probably have sworn off famous tourist spots off your voyage list.

Although it may seem hopeless, you shouldn’t quit on the boating lifestyle just yet. In fact, this may be the perfect time for you to try out lesser-known destinations that are equally beautiful and are far less crowded.

Here are 9 spots on the East Coast you might want to visit on your next charter:

1. Morris Island

Hidden in the outer coasts of Charleston, Morris Island is an 840-acre uninhabited land that is great for shore fishing. Because of the deep drop-offs created by several channels surrounding it, the island can be a bit challenging to navigate.

Even so, the island has a lot to offer visitors with various tastes: a historic lighthouse and beaches and hiking tracks for family adventures in the south, and a party hub in the north.

2. Kiawah Island

Source: Golf Advisor

The Kiawah Island is a barrier island located 25 miles from Charleston in South Carolina. Although it primarily serves as a private beach, the island is a great destination for golfers and enthusiasts as it houses a couple of acclaimed golf courses.

Kiawah also offers boaters with a full-service marina to dock in whenever they feel like deep sea fishing along the Lowcountry.

3. Three Island Paradise

Located in Biscayne Bay outside of Miami, the Three Island Paradise serves as a great escape from the hustle-and-bustle of daily life. Composed of the Harbor Island, North Bay Village, and Treasure Island, this little-known destination also offers picturesque views for tourists to enjoy.

4. Pelican Island

Source: Wiki Commons

Situated on the coast of Florida, Pelican Island is lauded not only for its beauty but also because of its unexploited natural ecosystem. The three-acre land is the United States’ first-ever national refuge for wildlife.

Here, you can come across sea turtles, manatees, and different species of birds in their natural habitat with a peace of mind as you leave your vessel docked at the Pelican Harbor Marina. You can also enjoy hiking and climbing until you reach the observation tower where more jaw-dropping views await.

5. Fire Island

If you think that being in the Big Apple Fire means constantly hustling around about busy streets, you’re wrong. Fire Island, a barrier island situated on the southern shore of Long Island, can provide a sanctuary for busy bees looking to enjoy peaceful picnics or simply to enjoy the sunset.

Only one end of this island can be accessed by boat, making it possible to preserve wildlife and keep beaches pristine.

6. Virginia Key

Virginia Key is another barrier island you should visit on the East Coast, especially if you’re looking to do some windsurfing or simply enjoy marine wildlife. Located just outside of Miami, the island also offers other activities for your next vacation, including mountain biking, tailgate partying, or even a trip to the past at Virginia Key Beach Park.

7. Haulover Sandbar

Also nestled between Haulover Park, Sandspur Island, and Oleta River State Park in Biscayne Bay, the Haulover Sandbar is well-known in South Florida for its top-notch floating party spots.

This lesser-known destination serves as an anchoring spot for dozens of vessels every weekend for afternoon parties and music jam. Some even take to the waters in their paddle boards and kayaks for the ultimate vacation getaway.

8. Botany Bay

With 3,300 acres of land and water, Botany Bay doubles as a history museum and a wildlife refuge for animals native in Edisto Island, South Carolina. It houses more than 20 historic sites such as the Fig Island shell ring structures and what remains of the Sea Island Plantation House. This picturesque destination is also home to arguably the most beautiful underwater habitats in the country.

9. Cold Spring Harbor

Situated 40 miles from New York City adjacent to Oyster Bay, the Cold Spring Harbor is known for its anchor spots known for a bit of fishing, swimming, and tubing. It is a lot more like a peaceful escape from your overwhelming work as the views— from the alpine terrain to the historic houses in the town of Cold Spring— will definitely leave you refreshed.

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