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Boat Registrations: How to Register a Boat in Canada

Boat registration is not legally required in Canada. However, doing so have several benefits for boat owners. The North American country provides benefits to encourage boaters to have their watercraft listed in the Register of Vessels.

All registered boats have two identification markings: the boat name and the port of registry. The boat name may be as simple as a person’s name or something unique and clever. The important thing is that no other boat has been registered under the same moniker.

Vessels duly registered with the Canadian boating authority which bear these markings have officially gained the right to fly the country’s flag.

Who Can Register A Boat?

Only qualified persons can register a vessel in Canada. In fact, the second part of the Canada Shipping Act set forth in 2001 specified who can apply for boat registration in the North American country.

According to the law, the basic requirements of qualification is Canadian citizenship or permanent residence under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or corporation legally covered by national or provincial laws.

Mandatory Boat Registration

Aside from vessels owned and operated by the government, there are some boats and watercraft that must be registered according to provisions of the Canadian law. There are three situations when a vessel should be registered:

  1. when the vessel is not a pleasure craft;
  2. when the vessel is wholly owned by a qualified person; and
  3. when the vessel is not listed, registered, or recorded in another state or country.

How to Register a Boat in Canada

Boat registration in Canada has a straightforward process. In fact, it is quite simpler than those in the other nations in the Atlantic and the Pacific. To successfully register your boat for the first time, you need to:

  1. Choose three unique names for your boat. Take note that only one will be approved.
  2. Pay the assigned registration fee, based on the Vessel Registry Fees.
  3. Fill-up the Application for Registry form correctly.
  4. Prepare pertinent documents about your vessel. This includes a Statement of Qualification, Appointment of Authorized Representative signed by all owners (if there is more than one owner or if the vessel is owned by a foreign corporation, and appropriate documents that will serve as Evidence of Ownership.
  5. Have your vessel measured for tonnage based on the government regulations.

In Canada, boat registration should be renewed. The Canadian Register of Vessels would issue a new certificate of registration 30 days prior to the assigned expiration date of the boat. There are no fees needed for renewal.

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