Boating Bucket List Suggestions for 2018

The perks of owning a boat are more than mobility in the waters. It is also a great vessel to fulfill your innermost desires— literally. People may have told you that owning a boat is an investment. While that is also true, boating is actually more of a lifestyle track than just a representation of money.

In fact, there are ways you can maximize your ownership of a watercraft. Below are 9 boating bucket list suggestions you can try that will surely make you appreciate your boat a lot more:

1. Spend the Night On-board

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Ever wondered how it feels to have the waves rocking you to sleep? Now that you own a boat, you should no longer need to wonder as you can already experience it first-hand. All you need is enough provisions to last overnight and you’re good to go.

2. Fish for Sport

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Fishing is another bucket list-worthy experience that you can’t be missing now that you have your own watercraft. To make it more thrilling, go fish for sport. Once you feel the strong tug of a billfish or tuna, you’ll surely want to go sport-fishing some more.

3. Spend a Holiday On-board

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The holidays are often festive and loud, so why not do it somewhere serene and peaceful for a change? Your boat is definitely a good venue for getting together with your closest friends and family during Christmas or New Year. Who knows? You might even get lucky and watch tons of fireworks displays in different parts of your locality from there.

4. Watch Whales or Dolphins

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Whale or dolphin watching is a magical experience. These majestic creatures of the sea are best appreciated when they are out in open water rather than behind glasses in aquariums. You can even join the fun by diving into the water with them.

5. Dive In

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Aside from whales and dolphins, there are tons of other beautiful sea creatures you can see when you go scuba diving. From fishes and crustaceans to colorful reefs, you can never go wrong when diving into crystal blue waters. Just make sure you have proper training before you take the plunge.

6. Watch Sharks from a Cage

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If you’re more on the adventurous side of things, you can take diving to another level by watching sharks. Although they are often dubbed to be dangerous, these sea animals are actually quite fascinating when seen up close. Of course, you’ll be safe once you remain inside the provided cage.

7. Restore Your Old Boat

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Owning a boat is much like having a car: insurances, deals, navigational regulations, and, ultimately, the pride that comes with it. To take your boat ownership experience to a higher level, spend some effort in restoring that old rust bucket and take pride in your finished product. While it may be exhausting for some, it is definitely worth the time.

8. Go on a Sunrise Cruise

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Watching the sunset by the beach is already too common, so why not go on a sunrise cruise? The cool morning breeze combined with the warmth of the rising sun is best appreciated out in the water.

9. Live on Your Boat

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If you’re someone who travels the seas often, then this bucket list item is definitely for you. Aside from experiencing the unique lifestyle, you can also save some bucks by living aboard. This is because expenses are a bit on the lower side compared to renting an apartment or paying for hotel accommodation.

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