Tips To Enjoy Boating In The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes of North America is one of the cruising destinations you shouldn’t miss. If you want a mix of ocean and river adventure, going on a Great Lakes charter is the best choice.

The area offers a variety of breathtaking sights and activities such as watersports, fishing, and diving. You also get access to historical sights and the opportunity to have encounters with unique wildlife. Whatever type of boat you have, there will always be that perfect location in the Great Lakes.

Lake Erie boating

Of the five Great Lakes, Erie, which is located in the southernmost part, is the shallowest. That means, it’s also the warmest. While there are many things to do in Lake Erie, there are three highlights you shouldn’t miss: Niagara Falls, Cedar Point and Put-in-Bay.

Lake Huron boating

Lake Huron is a great site for boating, swimming and camping along the coastal grounds. You can cruise along the shadows made by the huge limestone peninsula as well as amidst the archipelago of the Fishing Islands. The best bass fishing experience in North America happens in Lake Huron.

Lake Michigan boating

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There are different things Lake Michigan is known for. There are wrecks perfect for diving as well as sand dune parks that formed due to winds coming from the plains. These winds makes the east coast of Lake Michigan ideal for parasailing, surfing and windsurfing.

Lake Ontario boating

Lake Ontario, found to the north of New York state, is easily considered as a playground for those who are into recreational boating. Coastlines mostly cater to smaller boats and there’s a great selection of marina.

Lake Superior boating

It’s the northernmost of all five lakes and happens to also be the largest of them all. It’s always cold to swim around this lake and due to its latitude, boating season in this area is rather short.

How to Enjoy Time in the Great Lakes

Whichever lake you want to focus on, remember these tips to make your experience remarkable. For starters, freshwater lakes are seasonal, which means don’t go out during early spring since this time of the year, ice storms and major winds can be unforgiving.

If you’re using a trailered boat during your Great Lakes excursion, make sure you rinse well once done. The Great Lakes are fighting hard to stop the spread of zebra mussel infestation. Your boat should be cleaned properly in this case.

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