Buying a Yacht

Guide in Choosing the Right Yacht

There will always be a yacht that suits your lifestyle best but the challenge comes in choosing from plenty of options. Whether you’re a seasoned boat owner or it’s your first time to purchase a yacht, there is always that excitement in finding the best pick.

Choosing the right yacht is the same as choosing any other boat type, in which you need to do your research first before making a decision.

Define the purpose of your yacht

Before buying a yacht, think about where you’ll be taking it and when. Knowing your requirements beforehand will influence the kind of vessel you choose. Do you plan to use the yacht as a family getaway, for sports or entertainment, or for chartering?

If a yacht’s purpose is for a romantic cruise for two, you’ll need one that’s different from a family vessel. At the same time, one that’s designed for group use will be different from the one that’s intended for racing, as the former should be more spacious than the latter.


The location where you’ll be using the vessel is also another factor to consider when choosing the right yacht. Geography, as well as wind and wave exposure, play an important role in determining which type of vessel will perform best. Some boats can sail through large waves safely with minimal effort while others are best used in inland waters.

Size of your vessel

Having more space will always be something that you can appreciate so buy a yacht that you can grow into. Handling a larger boat may be a challenge at first but you’ll get used to it eventually. The right size is influenced by different factors:

  • Consider the number of people you would normally have on your yacht.
  • Think about how much time you plan on spending out in the waters. Is the boat a vessel you would want only for the weekends or are you planning to take it out on a longer cruise?
  • Technology options and upgrades – Your yacht can take up space if you have other upgrades to put on. But if you get a larger yacht, space won’t be a problem. Maintenance won’t also bother you since larger modern yachts these days are easy to manage than they were decades ago.

Sail Vs. Motor

You should be able to narrow down your choices after knowing your requirements and thinking about what you really want. Yachts are divided into two: running on sails or on motor. These two share similar characteristics; modern sailboats now have engines just in case sailing becomes difficult. In contrast, motorboats can also be equipped with sails to help you learn. Still, these two types of yacht have differences.

Sailing a yacht means you are choosing an eco-friendly way of exploring the waters. It’s a much cheaper way to be out on an adventure. Sailing is also a quieter activity as the motor is not required to run for prolonged periods. That said, sailing allows you to appreciate nature even more.

Motor yachts, however, are a lot faster compared to sailing yachts. They are more accessible and are better for charters. Motor yachts are also easier compared to sailing yachts as the latter requires one to master a skill. Also, motor yachts are ideal for guests since they have more space inside, as opposed to a narrow sailboat.

Your budget

As you’ve narrowed down your choices further, you will find that the same boats from different manufacturers differ in the prices they offer. Keep in mind that you need to compare your choices in terms of the equipment available and the specs. Special offers may be given but don’t fall for them easily and focus on the yacht that you really want. You can always negotiate a price so try your best to get the best possible price.

While most people narrow their choices based on the price, you don’t have to do that. Start by knowing what it is that you really want and then search the best vessel within the price range you have set. Don’t forget to factor in taxes, storage and annual maintenance costs involved.

Talk to the right people

Remember that you are not the only person who is facing some difficulty in choosing the right yacht. There are always yacht brokers and dealers ready to assist you with the information you need. There are dealers who are extremely knowledgeable about designs while others can answer most of your questions about the boat engines and systems. Dealers and brokers have resources ready to guide you but be sure you let them know where you are in your buying process.

If you are looking for a larger yacht, in particular, these people can offer your helpful advice so you can choose and successfully purchase the sea vessel. The important thing here is to be well-informed as much as possible. Besides talking to professionals, also check out the reviews made by people who have purchased the yacht that you want.

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