Guide To Yachting In Mallorca, Spain

The beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain is one of the favorite Mediterranean holiday destinations for tourists, boaters and yachties. The vibrant resort and capital city Palma de Mallorca is bursting with life, offering plenty of advantages for travelers, especially those who visit by boat or yacht.

The Best Time to Visit Mallorca on a SuperYacht

Yachting season in the Mediterranean, particularly in Palma de Mallorca, starts in April and May and will remain active until the close of the Monaco Yacht Show sometime in late September or early October. As expected, the capital’s marina will be crowded with yachts of varying sizes but they do offer exceptional yacht support.

Mallorca is also a large sailing community, which means different kinds of berths are available all around the island.

Climate in Mallorca

Superyachts are stationed in Mallorca all throughout the year because of the ideal warm Mediterranean climate, which also makes year-round cruising possible. Winters are mild with possibly cloudy days and winds. Average temperatures across the island may vary but average temperatures in summer are around 26°C (79°F). January is usually the coldest month and October being the wettest.

Things to Do and See in Mallorca

Without a doubt, Mallorca brings different breathtaking landscapes for the ultimate relaxing holiday. Mallorca has beautiful bays with dramatic backdrops and stunning clear blue waters. The bays and beaches are difficult to reach by land, which is why cruising is a perfect option.

Pass along the northern end of Mallorca and don’t miss Cala Castell, one of the many private bays intended for boaters. You might want to anchor here but do so with care especially when the winds from the north start to blow.
To the southeast, discover coves, valleys, and sandy beaches, as well as pleasant scenes of fishing harbor villages. To the southwest, you will find Mallorca’s populated coastline.

When on land, visit the lively vistas and boutiques for shopping, as well as admire historic landmarks and interesting architecture. Also, don’t miss out the following famous tourist attractions in the area:
– Catedral de Mallorca, a castle city that gives you a gorgeous view of the city of Palma.
– Petra, the quiet country town
– Puerto Portals, the seaside resort that’s a favorite destination of prominent personalities

Recommended Major Ports To Visit When In Mallorca

Marina Port de Mallorca
Visitors are well protected from winds and storms and security is excellent in this marina. Located 10 miles from the airport and 2 miles from Port de Palma.

Alcudia, Alcudiamar
This port is located in the Bay of Alcudia, between Cap de Pinar and Cap de Farrutx. It’s well-equipped and well-protected and is considered one of the best ports for tourists. You can dine in the many restaurants situated nearby.

Club De Mar
Located on Palma de Mallorca promenade, the club offers various services including boutiques, repair shop, game, swimming pool, kids club, marine store and meeting room. Whatever you need, the club has it to make sure you’ll have a comfortable visit.

Club Nautic S’Arenal
This huge Club is a great starting point if you wish to get to the hidden coves of Mallorca. In its vicinity, you can enjoy water sports and a relaxing time at the swimming pool.

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