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Guidelines In Choosing The Right Superyacht To Charter

Choosing the perfect superyacht to charter is as daunting a task as deciding which destination to visit. Because of so many options available, people— especially those who are going on their very first voyage— can get confused as to what kind of vessel to take to the seas.

Selecting a charter is akin to picking the perfect lodging establishment: you just need to think about how well the establishment matches up to your allotted budget as well as its location and the amenities they offer.
With that said, here are some guidelines you can use in choosing the right superyacht to charter:


Like other significant expenses, choosing a superyacht charter require monetary consideration. The first thing you need to do is set a realistic budget for your trip. This means you should take into consideration possible additional costs like fueling and berthing as well as potential flight fees. Knowing this will help you narrow down your options considerably.

Of course, you should still think beyond the yacht charter prices as not all cheap vessels are insufficient. In fact, some may have more than enough amenities for your trip and were only priced lower due to the vessel’s age. With that said, you don’t need to consume every penny from your allotted budget to achieve the best charter ever.


In yachting, bigger isn’t always better. If you only have one companion or are traveling alone, you can opt for a smaller vessel instead. You should also remember that a four-cabin yacht measuring 24 meters long is quite different in terms of interior size to one that is 34 meters long even if they have the same number of cabins.


Another consideration when choosing a yacht to charter is your destination. There are certain types of vessel that fare better than others in the waters of the Mediterranean. You can seek help from a yacht charter broker to make the right decision according to your chosen destination.

Sailing Vs. Motor Yacht Charter

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Some people prefer to enjoy the breeze sailing yacht charters can offer. If you enjoy this part of the hobby and are after the unique experience of sailing, motor yacht charters may be a poor choice for you. Of course, you would be able to enjoy luxurious amenities even if you choose sailing yacht charters.

However, motor yacht charters offer a certain level of privacy that sailing yacht charters cannot. Also, this type of charter is recommended for yachters accompanied by families or big groups of people. It is also a great venue for partying and other corporate gatherings.

Sedentary Vs. Adventure Charter

There are two kinds of experiences yacht charters can offer: sedentary and adventure. Sailing and motor yacht charters are categorized under the sedentary charter. That is, of course, if there is no racing involved.

An adventure charter, on the other hand, covers all charters using expedition and explorer yachts as they tend to head too much farther and more unique locations like Alaska or the rarely explored coves in the Pacific. While they may look rugged on the outside, most of these vessels designed for adventure charters still offer luxurious amenities akin to those found at five-star hotels.

Charter and Yacht Style

Yachting noobs may be surprised to know that there are a lot of charter and vessel styles to choose from. Each of these matches certain specifications you might have for your voyage.
Below are some of the things you need to know about different yacht charters available in the market:

1. Family-Friendly Charter

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As the name implies, the family-friendly charter is the best choice for people who are bringing their family to the trip. These charters take into account the presence of children in the cruise. Because of this, yachts are child-proofed with safety rails. Breakable items are also removed. The interior is modified to be a lot safer for children.

2. Couple or Group Charter

A charter with friends takes into consideration the fact that they may require separate lodging. Yachts offered for this kind of charter have cabin bulkheads or walls which offer privacy and noise reduction.

3. Disabled Access Charter

Like the child-proofed family-friendly charter, the disabled access charter has been modified in a way that will provide people with disabilities to navigate the vessel with ease. Some of the unique features of yachts for this charter include elevators between decks and wide passageways that allow walkers and wheelchairs to pass through.

4. Charter with Party Space

Some people opt for charters to celebrate an occasion. In this case, a charter with party space is the right choice as it has top-of-the-line amenities such as Jacuzzis, swimming pools, and a party hall capable of seating a large group of people.

5. Relaxation Facilities

Some charters offer relaxation facilities that are perfect for honeymoons and summer getaways. This type of charter is designed for total relaxation of families and couples who have a trained crew to come to their aid to make their voyage as smooth sailing as possible.

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