How To Host A Boat Party

Who doesn’t love a boat party? Boat parties are probably one of the most exciting perks for having a watercraft of your own. Since you already have a venue, all you need to do is organize an awesome party onboard. While it may seem like a daunting task, it actually isn’t that much different from events held on land.

Steps in Preparing Your Boat Party

1. Start Inviting

A party cannot be called such if you’re the only one in it, so make sure that you invite your pals. It would be wise to request for their RSVP. Not only will this make the event more exciting, but it would also help you determine the amount of food and drinks and the number of seating needed for the affair.

2. Select a Party Theme

Choosing a theme— while not required— is a good way to make a great impression with your boat. You may go with the obvious choices like nautical and beach themes or opt for a unique one like an 80s-era Prom Night dance party or the example shown in the photo above. The important thing is to choose just one theme. This way, your party won’t look disorganized or chaotic.

3. List Down Fun Activities

After deciding on a theme, you can already proceed with listing down activities to entertain your guests. If you have a bigger budget, you can hire someone to serve as an ongoing entertainment for your affair. You also have the option to just keep music playing in the background while you and your guests enjoy each other’s company.

Look for simple, yet unforgettable entertainment ideas online. There should be some adult boat games you can do with your pals to make your party more memorable. The important thing is to make your guests enjoy the affair.

4. Grab Some Grubs

Simple boat parties don’t need too complicated food preparations. This means you can simply fire up the grill and have a cooler full of refreshing drinks instead of hiring a caterer for a complex food buffet. Remember that the food will still depend on your chosen theme, allotted budget, and the size of the party.

5. Hit the Lights

Boat parties are best enjoyed through the night, so be sure to install awesome lighting prior to the event. It may not be a good idea to light up tiki torches though. Be creative by modifying your battery-powered lanterns onboard according to your chosen theme.

6. Keep the Music Playing

Music is— and has always been— a staple for any boat party. Make sure to bring a speaker loud enough for everyone onboard to hear your incredible jam. That is, of course, if you don’t already have one installed on your boat. You may also have some in-house music by bringing your guitar and amplifier to the event. After all, nothing beats jamming and singing along with close friends.

7. Ensure Safety

While you and your friends may be in the party for pleasure, it pays to remember that staying safe should be your topmost priority. To ensure the safety of everyone onboard, you should have emergency and safety supplies handy. This includes life jackets and other floatation devices, whistles, and first aid kits.

Also, make sure to keep the deck well lit to avoid people from falling overboard. It also pays to check the weather forecast and take necessary precautionary measures to avoid your boat from floating away from the dock during the party.

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