How To Avoid Poor Electronics in Your Boat

Electronics plays a vital role in the overall operations of a watercraft. Some equipment is used to chart courses, look for viable fishing grounds, monitor depth, and help the vessel become more conspicuous in places and conditions that impede visibility.

Because of this, a boat with poorly installed electronic connections tends to have problems onboard, particularly in the terms of navigation and communication.

There are lots of possible problems you may encounter that is caused by poor electronics in your vessel. It pays to know what causes them. There are certain problems you should watch out for when having electronic devices installed in your vessel.

4 Signs of Poor Electronics

There are certain conditions that can cause marine electronics to fail. Although not all may be as visible, it pays to know what is good and what is bad to avoid accidents while you’re out in the water.

1. Disorganized Electronic Cables

Source: Boating Mag

When it comes to any kind of electronic connections, proper organization or arrangement of cables is a sign of good installation. Some examples of the most common disorganized connections include octopi, spider, rat, and the snake connections.

Source: Boating Mag

Octopi connections are characterized by several tentacle-like wires that are forced into only one connection point while spider connections appear like webs formed by cables that are unsecured and dangling or suspended. On the other hand, rat connections are considered haphazard and look a lot like a rat’s nest while snake connections are unbundled wires that are lying loose all over the bilge of the boat.

2. Inappropriate or Excessive Power

Like household electronics, too much power juice can ruin marine electronics. Because of this, it is imperative that the power that will flow through them matches the required voltages indicated in the equipment or its manuals.

3. Improper Installation of Batteries

Believe it or not, even experts in installing electronics can make mistakes in placing batteries. Make sure that they are not installed upside down. This is because aside from failing to turn on, there is a good chance that the equipment’s power protection will get damaged or even blow up, literally, due to the reversed polarity of the power source.

4. Interference from Close Proximity to Another Device

Source: Garmin

Navigation equipment like GPS and radar can interfere with one another when their antennas are placed too close to each other. This can cause problems for a sailor, so make sure that there is enough distance between them.

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