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5 Tips To Lower The Cost Of Owning a Boat

While boating may provide a unique, fun-filled experience, it can’t be denied that owning a boat doesn’t come cheap. Here are some ideas to help lower the cost of owning a boat.

#1. Purchase used gear
Going for used boating equipment isn’t a bad idea at all especially since you can find ones that are slightly used. You can get decent boating gear at lower prices from boaters who are selling their boat. If you know exactly what you need, you can visit online marketplaces to find items at discounted prices.

#2. Work in the marine industry
Getting a job in this industry will either let you work in the marine retail or marine service. Doing either will give you access to discounts that you never knew existed. But before you start enjoying employee discounts, you first need to understand how they work. Choosing to work in this industry might require one to have a bit of customer experience and commitment to the job.

#3. Become a Brand Ambassador

Some marine companies are willing to offer discounts to boaters who seem to have influence in the niche. If you happen to document your boating lifestyle on social media and gain a following, you could work with companies to promote brands. This, however, doesn’t always mean free stuff. Discounts can be offered and that’s a perk that you can enjoy while being a brand ambassador.

#4. DIY maintenance and repair
Minor and simple repairs are better off done by yourself to save you some bucks. There are many boating repair resources found online and you can also ask knowledgeable people at local marine shops. Then again, you have to realize that there are repair jobs that are best left to the professionals to avoid bigger expenses later on.

#5. Live on your boat

If your boat is designed to accommodate you or a few passengers, it would be a great idea to live on it or put it up on AirBnB. This is especially helpful if you live in an expensive city where house rent can contribute to your expenses. Meanwhile, if living on your boat is not something you’d want, earn some cash on the side by letting others live on it, especially if your boat stays on the dock unused.

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