Understanding Seasickness And How To Prevent Them

Being seasick will surely spoil the fun in boating. Don’t be fooled – even the most seasoned boaters can experience this dreaded condition. What causes seasickness and how can one manage it while having fun out in the water?

How seasickness occurs

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Seasickness or motion sickness results from the continued motion of the vessel. It’s said to be caused by the conflict between the eyes and the inner ears that help with maintaining your balance. Your brain takes time to process the information from the eyes and the inner ears and messes them up resulting in the awful symptoms of motion sickness.

Symptoms of seasickness

If you’ve been there before, you know so well the familiar symptoms, which include nausea, vertigo, pale skin, cold sweat, increased salivation and vomiting. These symptoms can persist even after you’ve docked.

How to deal with motion sickness

There are a variety of pharmaceutical drugs that can effectively manage seasickness. It’s good to have them handy just in case you or your passenger(s) fall sick. Hyoscine patches are a popular choice since they can easily be placed behind your ear. Cinnarizine (Stugeron) is also a popular choice of medicine in pill form. Keep in mind that while there are drugs that can easily be bought over the counter, you still need your doctor’s professional advice.

Apart from drugs you can get via a prescription from your doctor or over the counter, natural remedies are also known to help manage seasickness. Ginger is a favorite remedy to deal with nausea, not just among pregnant women but also those who are vulnerable to motion sickness. They come in different forms including chewables and

Acupressure wristbands can also be effective in treating travel sickness. While there may be no medical explanation as to why they work but there are those that have found that they do wonders.

If pharmaceutical drugs and natural remedies won’t work, changing your position like lying down flat or concentrating on other things can help prevent motion sickness.

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