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Safety When Sleeping on Boats

One of the relaxing things you can do on boats is to sleep. The gentle rocking sensation while you’re out at sea makes it easy for you to fall asleep. However, there are safety tips to know before you can fully enjoy slumber time while onboard.

Safe mooring location

When you decide to have your boat moored, find a place where you can sleep worry-free. Ideally, you might want to be anchored near a small, protected cove where you’ll be safe from unpredictable changes in weather. Whenever you decide to spend the night out in the open sea, give you and your vessel shelter to also reduce boat traffic.

Have an anchor that’s larger than one that’s recommended for your boat size.

When choosing anchors, it’s best to go for one that’s guaranteed to be secure, which means one pound of anchor for every two feet of boat. If you own a 20-foot cuddy, you should have a 10-pound anchor around. Staying overnight in your boat will be a lot safer if you have a 15-pound anchor.

Invest in alarms

Have the peace of mind while spending the night on your boat by investing in modern electronics. Echo sounders help alert everyone onboard if the boat has drifted into deep or shallow waters. However, a skipper should set a deep and shallow alarm while taking tidal movements into consideration. This should reduce the chances of false alarms
GPS units are also great to help with safety while sleeping on the boat. This device can alert the crew if the vessel has moved away from a set position.

Use white anchor light all night

Smaller boats are usually not required to have white anchor light around if they are anchored in a spot away from other boats. However, make sure to check with boating laws in your area. You may have all the devices needed to make yourself visible but the problem with this is that you could have your battery drained in the morning. Electronic devices like alarms and lights can use up too much current. With this in mind, it’s also good to have low-voltage alarms around to help monitor your power.

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