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Seasonal Yacht Charter Destinations Guide And Tips

To see the best of the world from the ocean, you must first know the place to charter at a given time. This is because some yacht charter destinations are best appreciated during the cold seasons of Autumn and Winter while others under the colorful, warm weather of Spring and Summer.

Here’s a concise seasonal destination guide to help you maximize your yachting experience all over the world:

Autumn and Winter: Caribbean Yacht Charters

The yachting experience is best appreciated with warm temperatures. Because of this, it can be a bit tricky to find charters that can be enjoyed during the fall and winter seasons. Fortunately, the Caribbean islands and connecting waters offer the perfect escape from the cold.

Some of the places you should try voyaging to are the island chains of Cuba through Jamaica if you’re headed westward. After that, turn your expedition route down through the Dominican Republic followed by Puerto Rico. Then, proceed to The Virgin Islands, The Leeward Islands, and The Windward Islands and conclude your journey with a visit to the dual-island Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Aside from its tropical climate, the Caribbean charter also attracts both beginner and expert yachters because of the highly diverse cultures on land and the assortment of sea life that can be found at sea. It also houses famous charter grounds for yacht owners that are second only to the Mediterranean.

Most sailors look for crystal clear waters even through the cold Winter, making the Caribbean the perfect choice for their Yuletide holiday season voyages. Although the main sailing season is during the months of November through July, the Caribbean is more popular during the months of December— especially during the week prior to Christmas— until March of the following year.

The azure waters of the place can also be accessed during the hurricane season in late July as there aren’t many storms that tread the Southern part of the Caribbean. However, it is best to avoid Cuba and Bahamas as well as the eastern coast of the United States as hurricanes can be prevalent every couple of years in those areas.

When visiting the Caribbean, be sure to enjoy some of the well-known yachting hotspots, including:

  • The Gustavia Harbor in St. Barts popular for its European quintessence, nightlife, shopping, and restaurants;
  • The historically rich beauty of Nelson in the Dockyards in Antigua;
  • The picturesque sunsets at St. Lucia;
  • The magnificent view of the Brimstone Hill Fortress at St. Kitts;
  • The deserted beaches and pink flamingos of Anegada;
  • The lovely beaches of the British Virgin Islands; and
  • The diverse culture and landscape of Guadeloupe.

Spring and Summer: European and Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Spring and summer seasons are best enjoyed in the waters because of the balmy temperatures. Because of this, it is highly recommended that yachters visit the European and Mediterranean yacht charters during this period of the year to fully appreciate the lovely beaches, delicious cuisine, quaint towns, and classical history of the Western seas.

As the most popular destination for yacht sailors, the Mediterranean boasts many famous yacht charters, including the French Riviera and coasts of Croatia, Italy, Sardinia, Spain, Monaco, and Greece. Most of these destinations have long been considered yacht charter favorites through the years and remain as such today.

Meanwhile, the popularity of the European yacht charter is slowly-but-surely picking up its pace. This is all thanks to the diverse scenes provided by the rich culture in England, Brittany, Scotland, Holland, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden, among others. Because it has hidden gems for yachters from all walks of life, the European charter is considered the best option for beginners as well as those who have a limited budget.

The best time of year for a Mediterranean yacht charter voyage is between the months of April and October but be sure to avoid the crowd that comes from the high season from July to August. As for Northern Europe waters, you can schedule your trip from May until sometime in September as summer tend to be shorter in this part of the world.

Year-Round Charters

Source: Cruise Fever

While it is great to experience seasonal charters of the west, there are also certain places which allow a more flexible yachting schedule. Thanks to their sailor-friendly climate, destinations within the Indian Ocean as well as the Asia Pacific regions are considered as year-round charters. Some of the most popular examples are Thailand, Tahiti and Bora Bora, Indonesia, Seychelles, Fiji, and the Maldives.

Some places along the Atlantic such as Brazil, Florida, and the Bahamas are also great choices for people looking for a yacht charter destination that can be enjoyed all year round. The Pacific also has some great places for yachters to make a year-round visit in, including Australia, the Galapagos, the South Pacific islands, and New Zealand along the southwest.

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