The 107-Meter Explorer Yacht Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Buy

In 2017, reports emerged about a 107-meter explorer yacht that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg allegedly procured. Sold by its original owner and New Zealand-based billionaire Graeme Hart, the expansive vessel called “Ulysses” became the biggest brokerage yacht sold during the year because of its asking price set at a staggering $195 million.

The social media mogul has since denied the claims through a spokesperson. Based on reports, it was clarified that the Facebook founder was in no way involved in the sale of the Ulysses. In fact, he doesn’t even own a single yacht.

Even so, the 350-foot explorer yacht became subject of multiple headlines online, particularly in marine news media. Rumors of being bought by the Facebook founder aside, Ulysses created as much buzz as it did for several reasons:

Luxurious Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

Situated aft the upper deck, the Ulysses’ boasts pool with a height of almost 9 meters above sea level and length that stretches as far as 12 meters. Part of this astonishing amenity is shaded by the third deck and is enclosed within luxurious lounge areas where guests can bathe in the warmth of the sun.

Aside from swimming, the Ulysses also offers its guests the best experience in relaxation as it also houses an extensive Jacuzzi.

Areas For Formal and Casual Dining

Enjoying good food with a wonderful ambiance is possible within the 107-meter exploration yacht as it boasts a huge dining table that is perfect for parties and get-togethers aft the expansive swimming pool.

Each of the Ulysses’ six decks has their own casual tables but there is a dining space located aft of the main deck that can be used for more formal gatherings.

Guests also have an option to take a sip of fine beverage at the circular-walled wine degustation area where dozens of prestigious wines from around the world are stored in.

Expedition-Style Exterior With Matching Classy Interior Outfitting

The Ulysses is far from ordinary as its exterior, born from the creativity designer Kyle Dick from New Zealand and Norway’s Kleven, sends a clear message that the vessel was created for limitless possibilities.

Source: BEAM

On top of that, the dark blue-themed interior designed by London’s H2 Yacht Design studio became the epitome of it all. Built by Finnish firm Europlan, the awe-striking interior outfitting reportedly costs an astounding €20,000 or about $23,345 per square meter.

Other Unique Features

The Ulysses also offers lots of entertainment options and other features for its guests including an expansive salon, numerous sitting spaces, a cinema room, a gym, a large bar, and a spa complete with a massage room, plunge pool, steam room, and sauna.

Source: BEAM

Its cabins are also highlighted in the reports as— unlike other yachts where passengers are forced to look out the sea from a porthole— each one of them boasts a floor-to-ceiling window for a full view of the picturesque sapphire waters. The best part of it all is that the vessel can accommodate as much as 36 guests, with its largest cabin stretching across the Ulysses’ entire length.

Source: BEAM

The Ulysses also has a helipad and a massive toy garage that contains dozens of vehicles for both land and sea, including jet skis, motorbikes, sea bobs, bikes, flyboards, and even SUVs.

To top that off, the superyacht also carries a 21-meter tender that is safely tucked into the Ulysses’ bow.

Ulysses’ Mysterious Owner

Source: Kleven

After learning about what the Ulysses holds inside its 107-meter body, Mark Zuckerberg is probably sorry that the rumors about him buying the explorer yacht weren’t true. However, the new owner of the vessel remains unknown as speculations that Russian billionaire investor Yuri Milner was the one who bought the superyacht were also debunked.

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