10 Tips For A Fun And Safe Boating With Your Dog

Boating is not just for humans — dogs can tag along too. And if you have one and you don’t want your pooch to miss out on all the fun, here are some tips to make boating with your dog a breeze.

1. Having a supply of fresh water around is important as dogs need them to stay cool – especially when the sun is up.

2. Make your decks nonskid so your pooch can have secure footing. You can do this by putting on an outdoor carpet. The regular decks can be slippery for dog paws.

3. Don’t let the bait sit out on the deck – dogs can gobble up anything that’s interesting to them.

4. At the same tie, don’t leave lures swinging from rods. Your dog may view this as a toy and you don’t want your dog to be hooked.

5. Letting your dog go off-leash is beneficial for him but one that you need to do with caution. If you trust your pup not to jump while the boat is in motion, then it’s fine. If the boat is not moving, however, don’t be surprised if your dog decides to take a plunge.

6. Boarding and disembarking the vessel should always be done safely by carrying your dog or using a ramp.

7. Let your dog relieve himself before sailing out to sea.

8. Dogs also need to practice safety while boating. Invest in a life jacket meant for pets.

9. Dogs can get seasick too, although not as common as in humans. Turning around may happen if your dog’s not feeling alright with the trip. In that case, make sure that your dog is used to the boat moving before embarking on a fun journey.

10. Keep treats on board because you’ll be needing a lot of them to reinforce positive behavior in dogs.

Many dogs love the water and can easily enjoy life out in the water. With these tips, your boating experience with your pooch will be enjoyable and memorable.

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