Tips To Prepare For Boating Season

Summer is boating season and you want to enjoy every moment of your adventure our in the sea. But before everything else, you need to get yourself and your boat ready before sailing. After months of not being in use, your boat needs to be “dewinterized” so you can set off smoothly. Here are tips to prepare for boating season.

What You Need:

You need to have a few things on hand before your boat can set sail. Bringing along your boat’s user manual is important, especially if you need to dewinterize it. See to it that you’re carrying updated reigstration and boat papers. Make sure your fishing license is still valid if you plan on going fishing.

Preparing these things beforehand will let you enjoy every moment on the boat rather than thinking about the condition of your vessel.

Do an inventory

You might have forgotten all the things you’ve used up or stored in your boat so it’s smart to do an inventory just in time for boating season. Make a list of the items you currently have onboard and the items that you need to have or restocked. This is important, most especially when it comes to your safety gear.

Check your boat

Of course, boating season wouldn’t be fun if you have a boat that doesn’t sail smoothly. First up, check the engine and spend some time to make sure it’s all ready to set sail. If necessary, change the oil; check fluid levels, replace batteries, and check the cooling system. Do an engine test.

Test your electronic gadgets to make sure you have a safe voyage. Bring the equipment you have to your boat and test each one. This way, you can determine if any of your electronic equipment needs repairing or replacement.

Check the hull for cracks and chips and do repairs if necessary. Also check on boat seats, covers and the canvas and vinyl in general. Prep your boat by giving it a good cleaning

Be safe

There’s no doubt that boating provides a uniquely fun experience but being out in the sea can be potentially dangerous. It’s always a good idea to have an insurance to protect you during your voyage. Contact an insurance agent to get the best coverage for your vessel.

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